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Despre Everbril



Maria Alexandra, author and creator

Driven by my passion for fashion, art, for all that is beautiful and colorful, I decided to build a place where my ideas can come to life, I would love to brighten these days through what I do here, through a homemade lifestyle. I think that the satisfaction is huge when you manage to create anything with your own hands.

I wish that I can also help the environment somehow, even if it is almost elusive. That's why, when I build something I am trying to use a minimum 70% of recycled materials for that product. I reuse, redecorate, restyle already existed products, products that are in absolutely perfect condition, but which for some people these may be out of style or maybe they just got bored of them, I take them and give them another life.

Cheers to doin'-it-yourself, I love this handmade lifestyle. Always learning, always trying to do something new, and I fail, and I fall, but then I get up again, I dream, I enjoy little things, and I realize that a lot of what I do comes imperfect, but hey, this is human nature. It's okay not to be perfect.


I like that you're a very creative girl, with bold ideas, and I love that put your heart into everything you do. These dolls reflect your skills as a designer making them unique through the quality of your materials, but also through your work, patience and passion with which they are conceived. There is your mark on them which makes them really special, and this cannot be told by anyone, but by a person who knows you so well, like I do.